Solving the murder of Amber Berbiglia

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NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Eight weeks after 23-year-old Amber Berbiglia was found murdered, no arrests have been made. But police still consider this an active investigation.

Amber Berbiglia was last seen alive on May 3. Around 1:30 that afternoon, her friends say she was seen near the Time Warner Cable store on Main Street.

Hours later, her body was found less than two miles away under the Robert Edge Pkwy overpass.

Police rushed to the scene after getting 911 calls from a passerby and worked quickly to preserve what soon became the scene of a murder.

"When we arrived, we set a perimeter, so nothing is moved before Crime Scene has photos or video," explained Detective Jonathon Martin, the lead detective on this case.

As police worked to gather evidence, detectives arrived to inspect the area around Amber's body.

But what exactly were they looking for?

"Evidence. We were looking for evidence on how someone left the scene. It's pretty muddy around here, all the time. So, we looked for foot traffic," said Detective Martin.

While documenting the entire scene, they also looked for any trail leading to Amber's killer. Things like footprints in the mud, or if any objects were dropped as the suspect was fleeing the scene.

"People think DNA is everywhere, but sometimes it is not. In this case, we looked for it. We took DNA samples from around the area, from around the victim. We also looked around her car, and inside of it," shared Detective Martin.

But solving a crime isn't as easy as it looks on TV shows. It takes a lot more work, and a lot more time.

"There's no magic computer where I can put things in, no fingerprint I can put in my phone and know in five minutes who did it," explained Detective Martin.

Instead, all of the DNA collected from the scene (including from Amber's car and even from her body), is sent off to a lab. It is currently being processed.

"DNA isn't on everything, but we really do hope it will help," said Detective Martin.

So, if DNA won't break the case, what will?

"Someone calling with information they didn't think was important. Something they overlooked. It will just take off, and that's how it will get solved," urged Detective Martin.

While tips help in murder investigations like this one, police aren't just sitting idly waiting for the phone to ring.

"We're out making phone calls, driving out talking to neighbors. We visit the scene, a lot. We walk different routes looking for something we may have missed before," said Detective Martin.

Detective Martin is hopeful this case will get solved. He has seen more tips come through since the reward increased to $6,000 for any information leading to an arrest in this investigation.

You can make a tip, absolutely anonymously, by contacting Crime Stoppers:

Crime Stoppers of the Lowcountry

PO Box 60249

North Charleston, SC 29419


Phone Number: 843-554-1111 or 1-888-crimesc

Text: CRIMES (274637)

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