Vacationers win $200k lottery prize in NMB

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - What if your husband won the lottery and didn't tell you about it?

Well for one North Carolina couple vacationing in Myrtle Beach, the wife claims she found out about the $200,000 tax free prize because she happened to be eavesdropping when her husband told the kids.

"He didn't even tell me he bought a ticket," she told lottery officials this week when the couple traveled from their home in North Carolina to Columbia to collect the winnings.

Is she upset he didn't tell her first, though? Not at all. Some of that prize money is buying her a new car!

SC Education Lottery officials say the husband bought that ticket on a whim in the Kroger on Main Street in North Myrtle Beach while picking up some milk.

He thought it was lucky but didn't say anything at first until the clerk at the store confirmed his suspicions. That's when he causally mentioned it to his kids and his wife overheard conversation.

She wanted to drive straight to Columbia to collect the winnings, but they chose to stay and town and enjoy their vacation.

This is just the latest Carolina Cash 6 ticket that turned out a winner for someone in the Grand Strand or Pee Dee. Are you thinking of trying your hand at this new game? Hop over to the WMBF News Facebook fan page and let us know!

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