Temporary cell towers keeping callers connected

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - To keep service interruptions from interrupting residents' and visitors' calls, major cell phone companies are bringing in portable towers.

"Right now, AT&T has what is called a "cell on wheels," or COW, in Myrtle Beach. A COW is much like any other cell site, only it is mounted atop a truck that allows AT&T to position it when and where it is needed," explains Josh Gelinas, a spokesperson for AT&T.

One major area many cell phone users see disruption is on Ocean Boulevard.

"There are so many people here, you can't really call out. And if you want to, you've got to go two to three miles up the road. Especially right here on Ocean Blvd, you have no service at all," says Tyler Wicker. Wicker lives in the area and works on the busy boardwalk.

But even without being on the boardwalk, tourist traffic could tie up your phone lines at home. Which is why companies, like Verizon, monitor the influx of visitors to make sure everyone on the Grand Strand is covered.

As the area grows, so does their coverage. One example you will see on your Smartphone is 'LTE.' This lets cell traffic move off of 3G or 4G, basically doubling their network space.

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