Consider This: Paula Deen

Paula Deen has gone from the kitchen to the frying pan and now her past is coming back to haunt her.

Consider This:

I met Paula Deen when she was here for Coastal Uncorked and I was unimpressed. She wasn't friendly and came across as arrogant. Sometimes when people experience fame they lose their perspective and forget how they got into their position in the first place.

In a Today Show interview she shared that anyone who hasn't done anything wrong should cast the first stone. Sure, we've all done something wrong, but that doesn't mean people shouldn't be accountable when that happens.

40 plus years ago the south was a different place… and not a good place. There's reason people fought for change. And thank goodness they succeeded. Paula Deen might not consider herself racist, but her actions create doubt. What happened in the past was an ugly chapter in our history and should never be forgotten, but instead remind us that it can never happen again.

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