Poor water conditions in Timmonsville: end is in sight

TIMMONSVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA (WMBF) - The end to Timmonsville's poor water conditions is in sight. On Wednesday, the mayor of Timmonsville said there are a few legal issues that have to be taken care of before Florence can fully take over the town's water system.

"We still have some legal proceedings we have to go through in order for it to be completed," Said Mayor Darrick Jackson.

Jackson said some of those legal proceedings include filling paper work with D.H.E.C. and the E.P.A, and deciding whether or not to also transfer the towns' sanitation over to the city. Those legal issues could take several months to get done.

"I'm very appreciative that the people realized that the town's water system needed to be rehabilitated," said Mayor Jackson

Mayor Jackson said he is grateful that the people of Timmonsville supported the town's administration by voting on Tuesday to turn the water system over to the City of Florence. He said the vote was 397 in favor, and 48 against. More than 1,200 people were eligible to vote.

"I hope they are going to do what they said they will do, so that we can get this problem fixed," said Charlie Gunn.

Gunn is just one of the many who were in favor of the towns' water being turned over to the city.

Florence City Manager Drew Griffin said that after all legal documentation is taken care of, the first improvement will be made on an existing well that needs updated.

Griffin said those updates will take around $400,000 to fix. One of the problems with the well is a filter that is not filtering out iron from the water.

Griffin added that once the filter is fixed, it should rid the water of the rusty color and bad smell that many Timmonsville residents have been complaining about.

Mayor Jackson said turning the towns water over to the city is one of the first steps in moving Timmonsville forward.

"We truly appreciated this vote," Mayor Jackson continued. "Me, as mayor, and this administration was extremely concerned with public safety, and that's what we want them to know. We are here to help them. I was concerned with public safety."

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