Consider This: Road Improvements...Finally

If you travel outside of South Carolina you know when you leave the state and when you return. But it's not just the welcome signs that provide that information. It's the quality of the roads.

Consider This:

South Carolina has done a poor job maintaining its roads, especially the interstates that carry a huge amount of traffic and are a first impression of the state. However, that may finally change. Governor Nikki Haley has signed a bill that could generate up to $1 billion to improve the state's roads and bridges.

The bill uses borrowing, new revenue and money from the state's sales tax on vehicles. It does not raise the gas tax, but that's something that should be considered in the future.

Maintaining and developing roads and infrastructure is one of the main responsibilities of any governmental body. Although the money is less than the $5 billion experts say is needed over the next decade, it's a great start.

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