Town could cut back on prisoner transports

SURFSIDE BEACH, SC (WMBF) Surfside Beach could be on the move to make streets safer for people to live in and drive on by making a change to its court system.

According to documents by the Surfside Beach Town Administrator, the Town of Surfside Beach is looking into contracting Horry County to handle its bond hearings. At this time, the town has a cell to hold people who are arrested. However, by law, a person cannot be held inside that cell for longer than six hours.

That time restriction forces Surfside to transport them to the J. Reuben Long Detention Center. When it's time for the prisoner's bond hearing, they're brought back to Surfside.

The documents move on to show, on average, a Surfside Beach officer makes two round trips a day to transport prisoners, and this is seen as a major liability by insurance companies.

Cutting back on prisoner transports could free up time for the officers to spend on other public safety matters. No word yet on the costs associated with contracting Horry County, however, the documents show this change could save the town nearly $6,000 a year in gas money alone.

This is on the agenda for the Town of Surfside Beach council meeting on Tuesday night.

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