Woman charged with DUI after citizen stops her, takes her keys

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - A woman was arrested and charged with DUI after a Conway man stopped her while she was driving.

According to a Conway police report, 34-year-old Brandy Lynn Stewart was charged with Driving Under the Influence after a Conway man took her keys out of her car and called police. The report states the man was driving in Conway when he saw a gray vehicle pull out from a driveway and drive towards oncoming traffic and drive off the road. The report states the man then blew his horn and flashed his headlights, but didn't get a response from the erratic driver.

The man told police he continued to follow the driver towards the Conway city limits, where she again drove into oncoming traffic. The man told police the driver then tried to make a U-turn on Fourth Avenue in front of Food Lion. That's when the man says he got out of his vehicle, got the driver's attention and took the keys out of the ignition.

Conway Police arrived on scene and arrested Stewart.

Stewart was transported to J Reuben Long Detention Center where she was charged with DUI.

Conway Police Spokesperson Catina Hipp said there is never a time when police ask citizens to intervene, and if they do, they are assuming the risks and responsibilities that could occur.

"We never really ask for citizens to intervene. We always ask for citizens to maintain and be a good witness. We would never ask a citizen to put themselves in danger," Hipp explained, "take good notes, try to keep yourself safe and be a good witness. If you are following behind someone and you think they are doing something illegal or behaving erratically try to put your flashers on or draw attention to yourself to distract notify the public around you so they can be alert to the erratic behavior of others."

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