Recent crimes have some neighbors on edge in Little River

Amber Berbiglia's memorial
Amber Berbiglia's memorial

LITTLE RIVER, SC (WMBF) – Two murders in less than two months have some neighbors in the Little River community wondering if the recent crimes are part of a growing trend.

This week a 21-year-old woman was shot and killed on Old Crane Rd.  Last month police found Amber Berbiglia's body underneath the Robert Edge Parkway Bridge, not far from Old Crane Road.

Carl Bellamy grew up in the area and now lives across from Old Crane Rd.  He said a lot of the neighbors were surprised by the two murders.

"In this neighborhood nothing like that has ever happened and getting those two back- to-back was really kind of shocking to the neighborhood, and has put everyone on edge," Bellamy said.

Bellamy said most of the time, the neighborhood is quiet and never really had to deal with crime until recently.

"The longest it's been since someone has been killed in this neighborhood was like 20 years ago," said Bellamy.  "It's just a shock to everybody."

Horry County Solicitor Jimmy Richardson said the people who live near where these crimes occurred have every right to be concerned.

"If you're living in that area, and within about a month you've got two killings within a mile or a mile and a half of your house, it is a scary thing," Richardson said.

Richardson said it is not uncommon to see a few crimes follow an original crime near the same area, but he said to look at a longer time frame to see if this is part of an actual growing trend.

"Generally when you have a murder or a series of crimes, you'll see that go on, then there will be arrests made then everything will stop," Richardson added.

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