Candy store sues competitor for trademark infringement

It'Sugar Myrtle Beach location (Source:
It'Sugar Myrtle Beach location (Source:
I Love Sugar on Ocean Boulevard (Source:
I Love Sugar on Ocean Boulevard (Source:

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - It's a battle of the delectable that could send one business packing, at least that what the owners of It'Sugar hopes will be the outcome.

It'Sugar is a sweet treats store in Broadway at the Beach, one of two locations in South Carolina for the international franchising company that opened in 2006.

The downtown Charleston location opened in 2013.

Since It'Sugar has made itself at home in the Grand Strand, it's been working to compete with another candy store that opened on Ocean Boulevard - I Love Sugar.

On June 17, attorneys for It'Sugar filed suit against I Love Sugar, claiming "unfair competition, false designation of origin, and trademark infringement."

The 34 page documents goes on to explain how It'Sugar has a store concept that "broke the mold" from the traditional candy stores in the market in 2006. It markets to teens and twenty-somethings by combining "optimism, indulgence, irreverence, spontaneity, boldness, energy, fashion, fantasy, pleasure, color and fun."

The lawsuit alleges that the creator of their competitor I Love Sugar used their registered marketing ideas and themes, and retained the services of contractors who helped create the "brand mojo" of It'Sugar's Myrtle Beach store.

It'Sugar's attorneys allege that I Love Sugar has not only cause "irreparable harm" to the store's monetary value during the height of their most profitable season, but has "seized control on [It'Sugar]'s reputation and goodwill well beyond the Myrtle Beach region.

The lawsuit concludes by saying It'Sugar would like for a permanent injunction against I Love Sugar, requiring them to immediately remove all fixtures and graphics that resemble It'Sugar's trademarked brands. They also ask that the store no longer use the logo with lollipop swirls.

It'Sugar is also requesting a judgment within 30 days, and a ruling in their favor to include the payment of attorneys and court fees.

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