Old MYR terminal's future in question

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - The brand new multimillion-dollar terminal at Myrtle Beach International (MYR) is up and running. Now the big focus is what the future holds for the old terminal building.

On Wednesday morning, the Horry County Airport Advisory Committee (AAC) decided they need more time to decide what to do with the north end of the old terminal at MYR. They are exploring two options; one involves renting the space out and the other involves tearing it down.

The first option calls for leasing out the space where the old ticketing center was located on the north end of the building. Horry County Airports Director Michael LaPier explained it would be a tough sell because of it's location, and potential difficultly to find a suitable tenant. With option one, there would also be operating costs involved.

Option two would call for that space to be demolished and possibly used for parking. Both options require making changes to the front of the old terminal to make it look uniform with the new terminal.

Option one raised a lot of questions at Wednesday's meeting. Members of AAC want  to explore possible tenants before they can consider dismissing  the idea of putting the vacant space up for lease.

"If we think that there is, we'll come back with a lease or some kind of a report," explained LaPier. "If we don't find any successful opportunities then we'll come back and we'll come back and explore the next option which will be the demolition of that building."

The AAC will revisit the discussion on the future of the old terminal building in September.

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