New state fire code hopes to save lives

Source: WikiCommons user Sideroxylon
Source: WikiCommons user Sideroxylon

FLORENCE, SOUTH CAROLINA (WMBF) - A change to the South Carolina state fire code will go in effect next month, aimed at saving more lives.

On July 1, newly constructed houses and hotels that have gas-powered appliances will require carbon monoxide detectors. Under the updated fire code, newly constructed attached garages will have to include the life-saving devices.

Gas stoves, gas heaters and gas powered water pumps are all items state officials say need to be monitored to ensure that they are not leaking carbon monoxide.

The prices for the device range from $30 to $100. Captain Anthony Fox with the west Florence Fire Department says the price of carbon monoxide detectors should not determine their effectiveness.

Captain Fox went on to say it is suggested that people install dual detectors. Dual detectors feature both a smoke detector, and a carbon monoxide alarm system.

Bedrooms, garages and kitchens are all places Captain Fox suggested installing the device.

Carbon monoxide presents extreme health hazards because it is colorless and odorless. The only way to make sure one of your gas powered appliances does not possess a hazardous leak is by installing a detector.

Captain Fox said regular cleaning and checking the device's battery supply will help to improve the effectiveness of the device. Captain Fox suggested using a computer duster to remove any debris from both smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

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