Teen ticketed for trash talking and other weird weekend arrests

Photo Source: MGN Online
Photo Source: MGN Online

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF)- One teen paid the price for foul language, while a handful of others ended up in handcuffs for unusual arrests.

Davoris Ronald Howie from Winston Salem, NC was allegedly yelling 'get the [expletive] out of my way' from his window while driving down Ocean Blvd, according one police report.

Thirty-year-old Daniel Alexander Buchanan was arrested for the same thing. His arrest report said he was dropping F-bombs from the eighth floor hotel balcony around 3:30 am, in protest to the arrest of his friend.

And when 26-year-old Brett Alan Butler was asked to stop revving his motorcycle engine, the arrest report shows he became loud and began using vulgar language in front of tourists and young children. Now, Butler is facing charges of Disorderly Conduct.

Thirty-year-old Bruce Bernard Chinn was also asked to stop swearing five times, according to his arrest report. Officers were originally responding for a room eviction, but ended up charging Chinn for his profanities.

Being in the roadway is dangerous with all the tourist traffic on Ocean Boulevard. Especially if you are intoxicated. According to an arrest report, that is why 37-year-old Travis Lyle Musselwhite is facing charges for Public Intoxication. An officer saw him standing in the middle of Ocean Blvd asking cars if they had any marijuana.

Just after midnight, another man, 20-year-old Tevin Rashad Horton was arrested after dancing in the roadway. Around the same time, 24 year old Lisa Denise Snubbs was arrested for the same thing.

Stumbling along the strip could make you a danger to yourself. But what about standing still?

Justin King was arrested for refusing to move along and blocking pedestrian traffic, according to another police report. He then seemed to change his mind about moving when police went to arrest him, because he took off running.

Down the block, another man ran from police, but the problem was what he left behind; a naked woman. Twenty-one-year-old Grace Marie McEvoy is facing charges for Disorderly Conduct after police were flagged down in reference to people having sex on the beach, according to the police report. The officer found McEvoy standing on the beach completely naked, but her male half ran off.

This morning, another man was arrested for similar behavior. Nineteen-year-old Devin Drake Cox is facing charges of 'Public Exposure of Specified Anatomical Parts' after an officer found the North Carolina teen laying in the sand with his pants down, exposing his buttocks.

Just hours after getting out for public intoxication, two men ended up back in the slammer to sober up. Lifeguards called police to say there were heavily intoxicated men surrounded by empty beer cans on the beach, the report says. Nicholas Ray Bailey was passed out drunk on the beach, to the point where the lifeguard supervisor had to use smelling salts to wake him up. The supervisor told police he basically had to carry Bailey off the beach.

Meanwhile, the same report shows Daniel Jacob Ridenhour was making vulgar comments to a patrons' girlfriends and several people approached lifeguards about their behavior.

When police arrived, Bailey begged them not to take him to jail, because he and his friend Ridenhour had been arrested for Public Intoxication the night before and had just been released.

These arrests occurred on Ocean Boulevard within the Myrtle Beach City limits.

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