Myrtle Beach continues effort to restrict nightclubs

Myrtle Beach continues effort to restrict nightclubs

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - There's an effort underway to limit the amount of bars and nightclubs in the area. The Downtown Redevelopment Corporation, or DRC, says this type of business interferes with Myrtle Beach being the premiere family beach destination.

"We have kids, we have teenagers," said Dave Sebok, Executive Director of the DRC. "Do we need to expose them to certain kinds of legal businesses or activities? That's what the planning commission or DRC will be discussing."

The DRC has been working to develop the downtown, and more or larger bars and clubs don't fit into the family picture. So now the DRC and the city's planning department are figuring out what exactly they should limit and how.

The main focus is on Ocean Boulevard: The plan is to change the zoning, so future businesses will be ushered into other areas of Myrtle Beach, which means they won't be next to the common places where families go.

WMBF News talked with some tourists on Ocean Boulevard, and they say it's a good idea.

"I don't want them everywhere," said Sandra Jennings, visiting the Grand Strand. "So if there's a possibility that we could keep them all contained in one area, and then have the rest of it be the family beach, then that would be good."

"Because this is where people take their families for beach vacations," said tourist Lylend Rickard. "So we want to have a good time, you know, with family."

The finished product would be similar to the zoning the city has set up for tattoo parlors, now all of them are in one section of Myrtle Beach. City Council has shown interest in this effort, and has passed it on to the City Planning Department and the DRC to work out the details, which is happening now. The official meeting to hash out the specifics for a nightclubs ordinance will be next month.

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