Baseball with a cause: Military All-Stars take the field

U.S. Military All-Stars take the field

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. - Baseball is the great American game, and every summer, some loyal Americans are able to continue their service to the United States by taking the field.

"We are the only all-military, all-active duty, Wounded Warrior baseball team in the world," explained Karl Seiter, the General Manager of the U.S. Military All-Star Baseball team.

Traveling the globe, this squad will have nearly 150 players on its roster, with people that are all serving their country at the same time.

"It's a very humbling experience, coming out here and playing baseball," said John Schoberl, of the United State Marine Corps. "This team is all about a lot more than what goes on between the white lines."

Each player comes here with a different background.

"(We have people from) the Marine Corps, Navy, the Air Force, we got the Coast Guard, we have the National Guard, the Army," said Schoberl.

And playing for this team gives those that serve a chance to show their love of the game

"To get out here and play again, I never thought the military would bring me back to playing baseball," said Chris Nollinger of the United States Navy. "To be able to do that, and also serve my country, it is absolutely an incredible feeling."

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