Heat preparations for car and home can save you

Heat AC repairs

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - With scorching temperatures you've probably been running the air conditioner on overtime, and taking a few extra steps can help save big time.

When it comes to the home, air conditioner filters should be cleaned or changed regularly because a dirty filter will block cool air. Set thermostats and leave the temperature without tampering with it because constantly changing the temperature forces the unit to exert more energy and thus raises your power bill.

Use fans as much as possible and close your blinds. It's a good idea to have your unit serviced twice a year; once in the fall and once in the spring.

When it comes to your car, you should have it checked out to make sure it is ready to stand the heat. The experts at C&G Auto in Myrtle Beach say to make sure all fluids are full, and check the tire pressure because tire pressures increase as heat rises.

When it comes to the AC unit in a vehicle, something is wrong if it's not blowing as cool as it could be. Several things could be going on and you'll want to consult a repairmen. The owner, Gary Freeman says his repair shop is packed with folks getting their units fixed.

"The most common thing we see this time of year is AC requests," says Freeman. "When the AC quits and it's 90 degrees, you know it, and you want it to be cool so we see anywhere from eight to 10 of those repairs a day."

AC repairs for cars usually run anywhere from $75 to $1200.

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