What to know before summer camp begins

Summer camp
Photo Credit: WFQX - Fox 33
Photo Credit: WFQX - Fox 33

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – Things are heating up in the Grand Strand as many children are spending a lot of time outside since summer has arrived.

"Heat's a big thing because we have overheating, exhaustion, and exertion," said Ocie Dennison. "That's all that you have to take as a factor when little ones are outside."

As summer camps begin, parental preparedness is extremely important. Summer camps are trying all kinds of things to keep kids cooled off and safe, from limiting time outside, water games, or large tents outside.

"We do take it very seriously and we do try to stay hydrated too," said Christy Guyton. "Because we don't need counselors getting sick and not having counselors here for the kids. For the children."

Parents also need to do their part to make sure kids stay safe in the heat. Apply sunscreen before dropping kids off at camp, because most camps have a policy where counselors aren't allowed to do that. Send along spray sunscreen so that the camp makes sure children apply it throughout the day. Of course, water is also very important to send with children.

From chatting with summer camps along the Grand Strand, there seems to be an increased enrollment this year.

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