What is Myrtle Beach's ice cream flavor?

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Ice cream magnets Ben and Jerry's are trying to sample the taste buds of different cities by letting them create their own locally-inspired flavors.

The "city-churned" campaign has already kicked off in major cities like New York, Seattle and San Francisco.

Instead of just tallying votes online to discover what that city's residents love in their ice cream, the company says flavors will also be decided by watching what the residents physically do.

For example, Ben and Jerry's filmed joggers in Washington, DC and decided the joggers running one way were casting their vote were marshmallow. Joggers running the other way would be voting for peppermint.

In Portland, the west coast voters must make a tough choice between Rogue Ales and pretzels, while in New York coffee seems to be the most popular flavors among the Big Apple voters.

San Francisco voters are still deciding between TCHO Chocolate or peppermint. It doesn't say on the website when the campaign will be extended to smaller urban areas, but we hope it gets to Myrtle Beach and Florence soon, right?!

The campaign hasn't found it's way into South Carolina yet, but you can learn more about it on Ben and Jerry's website.

What flavor do you think personifies Myrtle Beach and the people who live here? Vote in our web poll and let us know your favorite!

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