Florence Co. using pesticide treatment for mosquito problem

Recent rain raises mosquito population

FLORENCE, SOUTH CAROLINA (WMBF) - In some areas of Florence County the mosquito count has risen because of the recent amount of rain fall.

Florence County Environmental Services has been treating some areas of the county with pesticides aimed at killing mosquitoes. Each year, more than $35,000 is invested in chemicals that will help to keep the mosquito population in check. Environmental officer Herbie Christmas says that a landing test is performed to determine the amount of mosquitoes in a certain area.

The test includes standing outside and counting the number of mosquitoes that land on the skin in one minute. Christmas says on a normal day only less than three will land on the skin, but a landing test last week resulted in more than 50 landing on the skin.

Environmental Control Officers use several different methods of trying to control the bugs. Tablets and a liquid pesticide are two methods environmental services often use first. The method that is used the least is a spray, because out of all the methods it is the worst for the environment.

To reduce the number of mosquitoes on personal property, Environmental Officers suggest regularly cleaning any outdoor furniture that may hold water. Bird baths and dog bowls are just two containers that if not cleaned regularly could become a breeding pool for mosquitoes.

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