Andrea's flood waters damage Loris homes

LORIS, SC (WMBF) – The worst of Tropical Storm Andrea has passed the Grand Strand and Pee Dee, but right now several families in Loris are left cleaning up after flood waters damaged their homes on Holly Street in the early morning hours.

Lakea Hardy said she and her fiancé woke up to find several inches of standing water in their home.

"Put my two feet on the floor and put my feet in two inches of water," said Hardy. "I was so scared and didn't know what to do."

Hardy said at first, she did not realize the water in her home came from TS Andrea.

"We came outside at first to see if anybody else was like this," Hardy said. "They were just picking up stuff up off the floor saving stuff clothes especially because that's all you can really move."

Outside her home, Hardy said she could see a snake swimming the parking lot and said inside her home the water brought in all types of insects.

"Any kind you can name," Hardy said. "Bugs, snakes, centipedes, and all kinds of stuff."

Hardy and her fiancé spent most of today trying to washing soaked towels and clothes by hand in the bath tub. She said most of her furniture is too damaged to keep.

"All of the wooden furniture that was on the floor and it's going to bubble up because it was all two inches deep under the water," Hardy added.

That includes new bunk beds Hardy just purchased for her two kids.

"Brand new bunk beds they're wooden ones and just got them about a month ago now they're ruined," Hardy added.

Hardy said right now she is focusing on finding a place for her family to stay this weekend.

"We're looking for another place to stay that's what we're doing," Hardy said. "We can't live here this place is infested with all kinds of stuff."

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