Andrea causes debris to wash ashore in Myrtle Beach

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – Beach Patrol officers and city employees were out on the beach Friday morning, picking up trash and other items washed ashore by the strong winds of Tropical Storm Andrea.

WMBF News' Alex Holley reported live from the beach, where tall waves were crashing against the pier.

At 52nd Avenue North, a tree actually washed up on the beach. As of Friday morning, crews were still working to remove it.

Items collected from the beach include lawn chairs, planks of wood and buoys, Holley said.

Winds and strong currents from Tropical Storm Andrea means waves today will be four to six feet high, or chest-to-head level, said WMBF News Meteorologist Marla Branson.

The National Weather Service has issued a Rip Current Statement for coastal Horry, coastal Georgetown and coastal Brunswick counties, saying that ocean conditions will be hazardous on Friday. Strong rip currents are expected, with the strongest occurring around low tide near 1 p.m. Friday. The National Weather Service says that large south swells will create breaking waves from four to five feet over northeast South Carolina.

With Tropical Storm Andrea approaching, you should not be swimming in the ocean until well after the storm passes. Rip currents can be deadly; in fact, more than 100 people drown every year in the United States because of rip currents. If you do happen to be caught in a rip current, it is critical that you do not fight against the current. Swim parallel to the shore to get out of the current, then swim perpendicular once you are out of the current.

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