Motorists should exercise caution Friday morning

Careful on the roads

FLORENCE, SC (WMBF) - The routes many commuters in Florence and around the area travel every day could pose some problems.

Florence County Emergency Services says they expect to see some flooding around area roadways, and they are sharing some ways you can stay safe as you travel this morning.

The county's emergency personnel say giving yourself extra time to make it to your destination will help you, along with your fellow drivers.

County officials say not to drive through flooded roadways, as the road could have given way overnight. Remembering safe driving techniques like keeping your hands at ten and two, and giving plenty of room between you and the car ahead of you, are all things officials say will help keep you out of harm's way.

Pedestrians are being advised not to walk through more than six inches of moving water, and when walking, they should make sure of their footing.

Several drivers say they are shocked to see weather like this early on in hurricane season. One driver says her commute Friday morning was a little scary.

"The roads are pretty bad this morning," says Lashanta Grant. "I just left Second Loop Road, and I had to kind of hold my wheel steady because my car was pulling to the right little bit. There are a good bit of puddles out there and the rain is coming down pretty good."

County officials say flooding is their biggest concern. They say drivers should be cautious when driving, especially if traveling on roadways near ditches and streams.