North Myrtle Beach streets prone to heavy floods

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – Ocean Drive, Main Street, and the Cherry Grove area are prone to flooding during heavy rains, and people in North Myrtle Beach are already anticipating problems as Tropical Storm Andrea inches toward the Grand Strand.

"We're at sea level, you know?" said North Myrtle Beach resident Mark Denski. "The drains can only handle so much."

People say the storm drains in North Myrtle Beach just can't keep up with quick, heavy rain, like what Andrea will dump on the Grand Strand.

"The Boulevard Grill, years ago, it flooded so bad the gentleman that owned it made a makeshift raft and paddled down Ocean Boulevard," said Mary Dunn, who works at the O.D. Pavilion. "When it rains real hard, real fast, the storm drains can't handle it."

City spokesperson Pat Dowling says Public Safety will be on alert throughout the night, but officials haven't decided to close down any flood-prone streets as of yet.

Dowling says Tropical Storm Andrea is an hour-by-hour phenomenon, so it's tough to determine how it will affect certain streets in the area.

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