South Strand emergency crews prepare for TS Andrea

Andrea Garden City Preps

GARDEN CITY, SC (WMBF) - Emergency crews up and down the Grand Strand spent the day preparing for Tropical Storm Andrea. Especially in Garden City where the Murrells Inlet-Garden City Fire District is expecting possible flooding along roads near Atlantic Avenue and Dogwood Drive.

Chief Norman Knight said the heavy rains could cause the biggest problem his crews will face.

"Probably for us initially it'll be flooding along Garden City and Garden City Beach," Knight said. "Depending on when the storm comes on and affects us whether it be on high tide or low tide."

Fire crews at the district's headquarters spent the day making sure the fire and rescue trucks were fueled up and the gear was packed. Knight also spent some time making sure back up crews are ready to help out if needed.

"We've put our folks on notice that we may need to bring in additional personnel or that kind of thing but right now we don't anticipate that," Knight added.

Knight said while Andrea is not the biggest storm to hit the Grand Strand, it will give his crews some great experience heading into the rest of this new hurricane season.

"This will be as best to real world training as you'll ever get," Knight said. "You can simulate all you want to using computers in classrooms and that kind of thing but this is the real deal."

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