United Airlines offer checked baggage subscriptions

Subscription baggage
Photo Credit: Wiki Commons
Photo Credit: Wiki Commons

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - United Airlines has launched a subscription service for checked bags and upgrades to economy seating. The checked baggage subscription starts at $349, for one bag per flight to any US destination unlimited for a year.

Since it costs $25 to check a bag on a United flight, you would have to take a minimum of seven round trip flights a year for the subscription to be worth it.

"For me, it wouldn't be worth," says traveler Janice Rosky, "because I don't fly enough. But for someone who flies often, yes, it would be.

If you want to check two bags or fly outside of the US, the price goes up. For example it's $50 more for the subscription if you want to check two bags, and it will cost $799 for a global subscription that also includes two checked bags.

United is also offering an economy plus subscription that starts at $499. It allows passengers to choose their seat in the section that offers more leg room on the plane.

United says it's pleased to offer new options for customers to tailor travel experiences, and that the subscriptions offer customers more of the comfort and convenience they value year-round. United also says it is the only US carrier offering such subscriptions.

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