EPA files complaint against Timmonsville over sewage, drinking water violations

TIMMONSVILLE, SC (WBMF) – The Environmental Protection Agency has filed a complaint against the Town of Timmonsville for wastewater and drinking water violations.

The complaint, filed in U.S. District Court for the District of South Carolina, alleges that there are substantial and potential risks to human health posed by discharges of raw sewage and partially-treated wastewater into the environment.

Back in April, Timmonsville residents told WMBF News that water comes out of their faucets with a foul smell and a discoloration.

Timmonsville has been in violation of the Clean Water Act, the South Carolina Pollution Control Act, and the South Carolina Drinking Water Act for years, an EPA official stated in a news release.

Since 2005, the EPA has issued two orders directing Timmonsville to address health threats arising from the failure to properly operate its wastewater system, the release states. The complaint documents how the wastewater treatment plant has been discharging partially-treated wastewater since September 2012, and the town's sewer system has overflows of untreated raw sewage.

The Department of Health and Environmental Control has issued three orders directing the town to address threats to public health since 2007.

The EPA, the DHEC and the town have been discussing plans to transfer ownership of its wastewater and drinking water systems to the City of Florence; Timmonsville residents will vote in a special election on June 25, the EPA release states.

Back in April, Florence City Council members approved a resolution to take over Timmonsville's water system and absorb a $6 million debt from the town.

More information about the EPA's enforcement procedures against contaminated water can be found here:

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