Consider This: Storm Chasers

WMBF Consider This: Storm Chasers

This week several people lost their lives doing what they love, chasing storms. The three people who were killed were professionals, chasing storms for many years. That should reinforce that severe weather is very unpredictable and extremely dangerous. It's not fun and games for amateurs looking for a thrill.

Consider This:

WMBF News has a storm chaser vehicle that we use when tracking severe weather. But we are always careful and have experienced meteorologists acting as navigator with a driver. Our team won't purposefully put themselves in harm's way just to capture that great camera shot. You won't see our team running red lights or blocking the road for emergency responders.

The WMBF Storm Team is there to provide as much information as possible, down to the street level, so that we can better predict the path of the storm. to help protect you and your family as severe weather moves through your neighborhood.

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