Rebuilding underway for Windsor Green condo complex

Windsor Green rebuilding underway

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - The rebuilding process is underway for the 26 condominium buildings that burned to the ground March 16, 2013.

Right now, the framing work is underway for six of the buildings. A&I Fire and Water Restoration is the local company in charge of the rebuilding process. Marketing Director Todd Setzer explained how the process will work.

"For the past 10 days we've been working diligently at Windsor Green putting the buildings back together. We're working in sections of six buildings at a time," Setzer said, "we're gonna start trusses on three buildings this week and also start shingles on one of the buildings. So progress is coming along very nice and we're very happy with where we are today."

The buildings will be built from the tree line forward, six buildings at a time.

Setzer said A&I has 240 days as of 10 days ago to rebuild all 26 buildings. That would put the final move-in ready date at January 2014.

"We feel like the project is definitely on track. Obviously it started about two months ago, so between working with the emergency crews when it first happened to where we are today, we're working with the insurance companies, with all the HOA board, the management company… we feel like we're definitely ahead of schedule. We know it's a long process for all the parties that are involved but we feel very good where we are today," Setzer said.

Setzer said the condo units will appear nearly identical to the units that burned, and each unit owner will own the exact same unit number as before the fire.

A few days after the fire happened, Horry County Fire Chief Fred Crosby noted the two buildings that were touched by the flames, yet still left standing were the only two that had a sprinkler system installed inside the buildings. Setzer says every single new building will have the sprinkler system inside.

"The biggest difference is some of the codes and upgrades than the buildings that were originally built. The sprinkler system is a great example because of today's codes we're gonna go back with a sprinkler system. But for the most part it's gonna be the same floor plans and the same units that they once had prior to the fire," Setzer said.

Right now, several of the fire victims tell WMBF News they do plan to move back into the buildings once they're rebuilt. Several others expressed the desire to sell the condo unit once the building process is complete.

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