12-foot gator captured on Garden City beach

Source: Brian Simpson
Source: Brian Simpson

GARDEN CITY, SC (WMBF) - A 12-foot alligator was captured on the Garden City beach Sunday morning; an official with the Department of Natural Resources confirmed it was killed and will be processed.

DNR regional biologist Dean Cain believes the alligator was illegally shot in the eyes Thursday while habituating along the Waccamaw River. He said it's not unusual for alligators to come in from the marsh area from time to time, and he believes the alligator may have had trouble navigating due to its injured eyes.

Cain said DNR trappers got the animal off the beach and loaded it into their vehicle. It was later killed, which is standard procedure for nuisance animals, he said. The alligator was badly injured and could not function, he added.

He added that the animal was definitely shot illegally – while alligator hunt permits are given out by DNR, the animal must be caught with a hook and line before being shot.

Surfside Beach resident Christina House posted a picture of the alligator to Twitter that she said she found on Facebook. Viewer Brian Simpson confirmed he took the picture Sunday.

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