Technology helps with hurricane preparedness

Photo Source: MGN Online
Photo Source: MGN Online

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – East coast residents are quite familiar with making hurricane preparations and emergency plans, but many people do not plan ahead for wireless communication during disasters, a time when it is most critical. 

In the digital age, there are applications for everything, including how to make sure loved ones are safe during hurricanes. Verizon Wireless recommends the following safety tips to be added to traditional hurricane season preparations:

  • Keep wireless phones, tablets, hotspots, netbooks and laptops fully charged in case local power and landline phone service is lost.
  • Have additional charged batteries and car-charger adapters (along with a full gas tank in your car) for back-up power.
  • Download mobile app's to help you track storms and access important information from local media outlets and emergency agencies like the Red Cross and FEMA.   
  • Maintain a list of emergency phone numbers – police, fire, and rescue agencies; power companies; insurance providers; family, friends and co-workers; etc. – and program them into your phone.

When a hurricane has created emergency conditions:

  • Limit non-emergency calls to conserve battery power and free up wireless networks for emergency agencies and operations
  • Send brief text messages rather than making voice calls for the same reasons.
  • Forward your home phone calls to your wireless number if you will be away from your home.

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