Consider This: Rezoning the Clubs

Consider This: Rezoning the Clubs

After years of talking but very little action, Horry County is finally addressing the issue of strip clubs littering the entrances to our area.

Consider This:

The "Welcome to the Grand Strand" first impression should not be a buffet of adult entertainment choices. If our golfing guests and other visitors want to go to these clubs, fine. Just zone an area where our other guests, the very important family of four, don't have that message shoved in their face as they arrive. Law enforcement also wants the new rules to help them fight the prostitution and drug use that they say has become more common around these businesses.

Although it's been a long time coming, it's nice to see Horry County implementing these new ordinances that have proven successful in many communities across the country. We're a family destination and whether it's beautifying the landscape, cleaning up blighted property, or relocating strip clubs, it ultimately helps us recruit more visitors to the Grand Strand.

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