Calls for police assistance high at Walmart store in Myrtle Beach

Police frequently respond to Walmart

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Since October 2010, Myrtle Beach Police have responded to the Walmart Superstore on Seaboard Street 3,380 times. So far in 2013, the number one call is for larceny, which includes shoplifting and purse snatching. Over Memorial Day Weekend, nine people were arrested from the Seaboard Street Walmart for crimes ranging from shoplifting (seven arrests) to public intoxication (two arrests).

A majority of the criminal incidences that have been reported so far in 2013 at the Walmart on Seaboard Street happened during daylight hours.

"It's dangerous because this is where everybody shops. It's easy to target people. You've got more choices," Shopper Donny Green said.

David Bunten says he's been shopping at Walmart his whole life, and has seen people acting suspiciously in the parking lot at this particular Walmart firsthand.

"You can sit and watch them. They scope cars out and they'll walk by and actually look in the car, you can watch them try to open the doors," Bunten said.

So far this year, the number one crime police have responded to at the Walmart on Seaboard St is theft; 53 different incidences have been reported.

"I don't trust a lot of stuff that goes on in a Walmart parking lot. It is bad," Bunten said.

Walmart Spokesperson Kayla Whaling issued the following statement to WMBF News on Wednesday:

"We take theft very seriously and have had strong success in stopping and preventing those who try to steal from us. We have a dedicated team of associates who do a great job of monitoring our store and help identify those who break the law."

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