MYR looks to bring in more revenue, City talks developing around it

Bringing money to Myrtle Beach
Source: Myrtle Beach International Airport
Source: Myrtle Beach International Airport

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – The Myrtle Beach International Airport does not live off of tax dollars, and it is discussing new things that would bring in more revenue, which could really benefit travelers.

One option for the airport is to lease space out to gas stations, where it would make money on each gallon sold. If the airline doesn't have to spend more money on space, extra profits from things like gas stations could improve service by possibly adding more destinations or flights.

On Wednesday, the City of Myrtle Beach will discuss the future for what surrounds the airport. Interest has been expressed to develop off of Harrelson Blvd., and down Hwy 17 Bypass. The County wants to see high end commercial space and retail, but the City wants to keep a nice balance between nature and development.

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