Consider This: Safe Rooms in Schools

Consider This: Safe Rooms in Schools

The Oklahoma tornado killed 24 people; seven of the dead are children who were following the tornado plan, going into the hallway and covering their heads. The same drill that most of us probably practiced as we were growing up. However, other schools were better protected with safe rooms for the students.

Consider This:

All schools in tornado prone areas like Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri should have a safe room to protect the kids. Most school safe rooms cost between 1.5 and 2 million dollars. However, people will say we don't have the money. But it is easy to debate that our federal government wastes what it costs to build a safe room every day on non-essential programs.

So rather than say we don't have the money, or need to raise taxes, why not look at existing programs to see where we can reallocate resources? We should find a way to build safe rooms in all schools. Our kids deserve that.

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