Peach season looking pretty peachy in SC

Photo Source: MGN Online
Photo Source: MGN Online

Associated Press

KLINE, S.C. (AP) - It's getting started a little later than normal, but farmers say this year's peach season in South Carolina is looking pretty peachy.

The cool, wet spring delayed growth, with most big orchards in the state starting to pick and pack about a week ago. Last year, peaches were coming off the trees May 5.

State officials say the late start means fresh peaches will likely be available through Labor Day. South Carolina grows $75 million worth of peaches a year, trailing only California.

Barnwell County peach farmer Tommy Chappell says a few freezing nights at the end of March had him worried, but he lost only a few of the earliest blooming peaches.

Chappell says his biggest worry now is hailstorms.

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