'Geo-caches' stashed around Myrtle Beach for Military Appreciation Days

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – In recognition of Military Appreciation days, five "Travel Bugs" have been stashed around the area to be found by geo-caching enthusiasts this month.

The five bugs are for each branch of the military, and look like dog togs. They are registered on geocaching.com, so those interested can track the bug down with a GPS device, such as a smartphone, and then go online to register their finding of the tag.

City officials would like the bugs to remain at the beach during the month of May, but after that, they are free to travel the world. Some travel bugs travel thousands of miles across countries and continents, as geo-cachers find them, travel with them, and register their stories.

"People do it because they're involved in the activity and they get an email notification every time somebody finds it," said Military Appreciation Days volunteer Jeff Miller. "So it's just a way to be outside and enjoy yourself."

All told, there are about 450 geo-caches in the Myrtle Beach area at this moment, he says. If you're interested in finding the Military Appreciation Days travel bugs, you can log on to geocaching.com and use these tracking numbers to find them:






Some caches are even filled with small toys or trinkets that geo-cachers exchange and trade out as they find them.

Myrtle Beach Military Appreciation Days run through the end of May. For more events and activities, visit:

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