Florence Civic Center plans disaster relief for OK tornado victims

From the Florence Civic Center:

SMG-managed Florence Civic Center in conjunction with the American Red Cross, City of Florence, Florence County and other civic and church organizations throughout the Pee Dee will be collecting donations, both monetary and necessity items for the victims of the devastating tornados in Oklahoma on May 20th. A listing of necessity items will be available on the Florence Civic Center website at www.florenceciviccenter.com as updates and resources become available.

As a community it is our civic duty and privilege to reach out to those communities in this time of need. In one way or another we have all been feeling the effects of this disaster and sense the need to help. We do this not only to remind the residents of Oklahoma, but our own communities, that compassion will prevail and mankind across the nation will step forth to offer aid and recovery in such times of tragedy.

On Tuesday, May 28th from 9:00am until 6:00pm the Florence Civic Center will be collecting donation items along with the American Red Cross and community organizations to assist in the relief for victims. The Florence Civic Center is located at 3300 West Radio Drive, Florence, South Carolina.

Please contact the Florence Civic Center at (843) 679-9417 for more information or email cwilson@florenceciviccenter.com.

As a community we are all touched by the scenes that we have witnessed in these events. We all know and realize that a natural disaster can strike at any moment and at little to no warning. We have faced such events in our own community and know that our neighbors and the surrounding areas would assist with our needs. We are all heartbroken by the loss of lives, property and tangible-memories that these victims have faced and will continue to endure.