Horry County Schools reflect on disaster preparedness

Local school disaster preps

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - When it comes to emergency and disaster preparedness, Horry County Schools follow their crisis management plan.

School officials say it covers everything from fires to hurricane evacuation procedures and its reviewed yearly. "Practicing an emergency situation pays off when an actual emergency occurs," says Roger Gray, the principal at Myrtle Beach Middle School.

When it comes to safety, Gray says every year he reminds his teachers to stay calm and keep the children safe.

Myrtle Beach Middle School does fire drills monthly, tornado drills once a year and standard 17 drills twice a year, where kids practice jumping from the back of the bus in case of an emergency.

Gray says the districts plan works well but sometimes you can't get avoid mother nature. "We're very saddened about what occurred although when you look at the damage, I'm not sure you could have done much preparing for that type of devastation," says Gray.

The districts crisis management plan is reviewed yearly and tweaked when necessary.

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