Bike rally has larger turnout, biker behavior changing

Bike week wrap

MURRELLS INLET, SC (WMBF) - The final burnout at SBB Four Corners has come and gone. But some biker business leaders say the turnout for the bar indicates the Harley Rally is on the rebound.

"It was loud," said SBB General Manager Bill Barber. "I lost my voice three times."

Barber oversaw the final blowout at the famed biker bar. He described the overall turnout for the rally as good, but not great. Turnout throughout Horry County was strong, but he says a new trend is becoming prevalent among bikers.

"It's the venue that attracts the bikers," he said. "I've seen some vendors set up at some spots, and you wouldn't see a single bike there."

Barber says the biker debate has centered around vendors and vendor permits, but he says entertainment and venues are taking shape as the backbone of the rally. This rally saw the creation of "the loop," a coalition of businesses putting on events for bikers, including Suck Bang Blow, the Myrtle Beach Speedway, and the Bucksport Marina.

"I live out by the racetrack," said Raymond Harverling, local biker and owner of McTailor's in Myrtle Beach. "I didn't think it would be busy as it was, but I was surprised they had a big crowd out there."

Barber and other bikers say the loop worked, and plans are already in motion to bring it back, at least for the fall. He says the loop keeps bikers more mobile throughout the county, and makes businesses more accessible.

"It's going to help the rally," Barber said. "It's going move it to different areas."

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