Bullet holes, casings among clues in attempted murder

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - Bullet holes and shell casings are among the clues left behind as Horry County Police launched their attempted murder investigation on Gemini Circle.

According to police reports, there were a total of five people at the home on the 1800 block of Gemini Circle in Conway on the evening of Sunday, May 19.

They were brought there for different reasons, but most remember seeing the two black males that approached the home around 10:15 p.m. The report states one of the men was seen raising a black handgun and shooting at the car in the driveway where two people were sitting, waiting on someone inside the home.

Someone sitting on the back porch said they saw the two men - both with dreadlock style hair - walk around the home and start firing shots.

The victims claim the men fled in a silver, two door car. One of the men was described to be wearing a green Celtics jersey and a red Bulls hat, which police say may have been discarded in the roadway less than half a mile from the crime scene.

When police responded they found seven bullet holes in the home, four in the car in the driveway, and one bullet inside the house. Fourteen shell casings were found in the roadway.

Police have not yet named any suspects or a motive for this crime. Anyone with information is asked to contact Horry County Police at 915-TIPS as soon as possible.

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