County warns of man posing as government employee

GEORGETOWN COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Georgetown County has taken to their Facebook page to address concerns over a man posing at a government official.

According to their post, an unknown white male was recently spotted outside a home that the owners had just recently left, claiming to be a county employee in the area to perform an inspection.

When someone questioned him and asked for identification, he refused to show it citing that he was not required to do so.

The post continues to say the area where this man was spotted had recently reported several break-ins. Here's more of their statement:

The public is advised that any Georgetown County employee performing job duties on private property will show an employee identification card if asked. The card is normally displayed on clothing when employees are in the field. Additionally, employees assigned to inspections, assessments and other duties in the field will normally be driving county-owned vehicles with the county's seal on the sides and government-issued license plates. These vehicles are usually white and will most likely be one of two models: Jeep Liberty or Ford Escape. If you have questions, contact Georgetown County Human Resources, 545-3074.

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