Law enforcement cracking down during final days of Bike Week

Bike Week security

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – Thousands of bikers are hitting the Grand Strand roads this weekend to celebrate the final weekend of Bike Week, but they are not the only ones you may see on the road.  Several area law enforcement groups are already out in full force cracking down on anyone breaking the law.

"We want people to abide by the law, operate their motorcycle safely and for those in vehicles to watch for motorcycles and watch their aggressive driving, that's the bottom line," said Sergeant Jeff Benton with the Horry County Sheriff's Office.

Sgt.  Benton said there has already been a spike in arrests and charges for alcohol law violations recently.  He said Bike Week kicks off a busy summer season where you could see more people drinking alcohol earlier in the day, which could lead to problems at night if they get behind a wheel.

"The alcohol consumption is on a definite increase and the warm weather certainly helps with that," Sgt. Benton added.

Part of the increase in alcohol violations could be because there are so many people visiting the Grand Strand from other states where laws may be different, Sgt. Benton said.  He wanted to remind everyone what the law is here in South Carolina.

"No beer, no wine, no liquor, and no open containers in a vehicle while its moving."

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