Myrtle Beach cracking down on property eyesores

Myrtle Beach cracking down on eyesores

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - On Wednesday, the Myrtle Beach Construction Services Department held a public hearing for at least seven different Myrtle Beach property owners. The hearing was an effort to give the property owners a chance to give their testimony at the place and time they fixed the problems asked of them.

In April and May, a property maintenance inspector found the following properties to be in violation of the Codes and/or Ordinances as adopted by the City of Myrtle Beach:

958 Blue St.

1000 S. Ocean Blvd.

1007 S. Ocean Blvd.

511 9th Avenue North

2201 Withers Dr.

830 Cove Dr.

400 23rd Avenue North

The violations at each property were different. Some of the violations included: accumulation of rubbish or garbage, glazing material not free from cracks or holes, general plumbing systems and fixtures not properly maintained or installed and mechanical appliances not maintained.

Myrtle Beach Spokesperson Mark Kruea said the city has been aggressive for several years in making sure properties are kept up to code, but holding a public hearing to inform businesses and homeowners who aren't up to code, is a new thing.

"This is six months old or so. We've done this for two reasons. One to improve communications between the city and property owners and two- to speed up the process a little bit," Kruea said, "we're concerned about people's lives and property. We want to make sure the people are safe in their property and that the property looks good and is a good part of the community and then two we want to make sure that the whole community looks good and functions well."

Kruea said the inspections on city properties are made routinely.

"We may see it ourselves and say gee that property looks bad. We may hear from a neighbor that says, you know this property is falling apart, so we could hear about it in a number of ways," Kruea said.

The properties have 30 days from Wednesday, May 15th to make the necessary changes. They are allowed on 20-day continuance. After that, if the changes are not made, each individual issue will likely be brought before council.

"If it goes to city council, you know city council has the ability to say either you fix up this property or we will fix it up and put a lien against the property to pay for it."

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