Unpaved road in Florence Co. causing problems

Unpaved roads in Florence

FLORENCE, SOUTH CAROLINA (WMBF) - People in a Florence County community said an unpaved road in their area is causing accidents, health risk and promoting littering.

Savanna Grove community members say for the past 25 years they have asked the county to pave Ballpark Road. People in that area created a neighborhood action committee. On Thursday, those members once again asked that council consider paving Ballpark Road.

"It's bad when it rains and it's bad in the dry weather," said George Brown.

A petition of more than 100 names and a letter of support from Florence School District One were two items the group brought before council. Weeks prior to the group's appearance before county council, a school bus fell into a ditch on the road. Community members said this happened because of the structure of the road. No students were injured.

"County Council sees and understands the problem," said Florence County Chairman James Schofield. "We had Cato road up here a few months ago, and now these people. We understand that problem, but like I told you we get $50,000 a year to do road work,"

Schofield said there are more roads than just Ballpark that are in need of re-paving, but the county doesn't have the money fix them all. Schofield encouraged the group to support the renewal of the Penny Sales Tax.

Schofield said among funding other things, the Penny Sales Tax will present an opportunity for roads much like Ballpark to be paved.

"We are going to do everything we can do to try and get this one percent tax increase extended. We're going to take them at their word and hope we can get something done pretty soon," said George Brown.

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