Consider This: Your Feedback

Consider This: Your Feedback

We received lots of feedback on recent topics and here are some of your thoughts.

On moped rules, Rodney writes, "I back you 100%. I have even written the Governor's office on this matter. I don't have a problem with secondary highways, but main highways I do and especially in the left lane."

But Bill, a local scooter shop owner, has a different idea: "Most mopeds can go 40 to 45 miles an hour. Why not just change the law to allow the scooters to go the speed limit rather than limit them to 25 miles per hour?"

Regarding the new Myrtle Beach airport, Sharon writes, "I work at the bar, and the majority loves it, the other few, well they had never been in the old one."

On the temporary carnival in downtown Myrtle Beach, Gary shares this opinion: "It would have been a short term arrangement and it would have brought more people and money to the area. Until the economy really starts to rebuild the property in question will remain empty."

As always, thanks for sharing your comments.

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