Women ride solo at Myrtle Beach Bike Week

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Myrtle Beach Bike Week might be viewed as a man's game, but this year many are noticing more and more women participating and doing so on their own.

Sherri Crabtree is a female solo rider from Athens, Ohio who is accompanied by her female friends like, Theresa Thompson.

Both of these ladies rode up to the Harley Davidson shop on Business 17 Wednesday afternoon.

"It's fun to ride on the back of the bike, but it's more fun to ride on your own," says Crabtree.

Thompson agrees with her friend adding she feels empowered and free when she is behind the wheel. Thompson has been attending the rally since 2003 and she believes there are more women out there this year than ever before.

Women could be seen purchasing custom merchandize along with jewelry at this years bike rally on Wednesday, even a Mary Kay representative was present to appeal to the female crowd.

Manon Kellman has returned back to bike week for the last several years from Canada. She says she has noticed an increase of fellow women this year, but also organizers and vendors appealing to couples too. "Instead of a big man's world now you see more activities geared toward couples," Kellman explains.

Terry McClaskey is a male rider from Columbus, Ohio who supports seeing women riding without a male in front of them. "It's another side of independence for women. I have three daughters so I'm all for it."

Gerald Ellis is a Riders Edge Instructor he says there is no difference in teaching men to ride compared to women, but their reason for riding is different. "In my classes I'll say, 'why are you here?' and a lot of them tell me, 'because I'm tired of riding on the back.' And they get out there and do it themselves, and they do excellent."

According to a women's riding magazine study conducted back in 2009, nearly 25 percent of all motorcyclists are female. Meaning one out of every four riders out on the road is a female.

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