Florence School District 1 adds mobile app

FSD1's new mobile app
Photo Source: MGN Online
Photo Source: MGN Online

FLORENCE, SC (WMBF) - Florence School District is helping to pioneer a new technology that very few school systems in South Carolina are using. Florence One has added a mobile app to help keep parents, students and the community updated with information from the district.

Florence School District One's mobile app is available to smart phone users everywhere. This app is aimed at presenting pertinent information to users. School news, sports and the district calendar are just a few resources housed on the app.

It's owned by Parent Link, and Parent Link is just really upgrading our parent notification system. The trends in social media and technology, we want to be able to communicate with parents in real time," said Pam Little-McDaniel.

Little-McDaniel said the app came at no additional cost to the District, as it is an update to the system that the district currently uses to communicate to parents. The Parent Link System used by Florence School District One, is also responsible for the automated phone calls and text alerts the district has already in use.

"Socially we are moving faster and we want to be able to offer information for our parents at a faster rate," said Little-McDaniel.

Right now the district is working to make grades and attendance records accessible through the app. District personnel says there is a security feature on the app that protects important information from getting into the wrong hands.

As of Monday, Little McDaniel said the app has 1,000 downloads. The district expects that number to grow over the summer.

Find the FSD1 App in the Google Play Store here:

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