As weather heats up, insects look to your cool home

MURRELLS INLET, SC (WMBF) - It's warming up along the Grand Strand, and that means you want your home kept cool and dry. Unfortunately, that's the same conditions insects like, and they'll try to get into your home by any means, even the tiniest crack.

"If it's a hundred degrees and they feel some nice cool air under your door, they're going to find a way in," said Lennie Johnson with Lane's Pest Control.

Johnson says Lane's is receiving more calls for swarms like ants, termites, American cockroaches, and kudzu bugs. He says many of them simply come in through the door.

"Having your garage door open, people like to do that throughout the day," he said. "That's one way they can come into your home, because in your garage there's another door leading inside."

But Johnson says there's other ways insects can come in, through attic spaces, cracks in windows, even through the pipes under the sink.

"Insects want the same thing we want," he said. "If there's a water source nearby, you've got an option to have pests nearby."

The simplest thing to do to prevent pest invasions is to simply keep all your doors shut and check the seals on each one. Insect sprays help too, but they don't prevent insects from getting into your home, only a pest control company can do that.

"Most pest control companies only do exterior services," Johnson said. "They won't put any chemicals inside your home, just outside."

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