Chinese restaurant gets cited for 12 violations

Restaurant Scorecard 5/10/13

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - China Dragon in Myrtle Beach had a 'C' rating posted on its door after the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) dropped in this week for a health inspection.

The DHEC report shows the restaurant was cited with four critical violations. The inspector reportedly found raw beef and chicken stored over produce. The inspector noted the raw meats were dripping raw fluids. There was also a problem with the holding temperature for chicken and beef. This is considered a potential hazard by DHEC. The report goes on to show the kitchen hand sink was being blocked and the hose in the faucet was missing the piece that prevents backflow. All of these violation were corrected on the spot.

The report goes on to show the DHEC inspector found a list of things in the kitchen that could use some cleaning, including the cutting board, shelves, kitchen corners, portions of the walls and the ventilator hood. China Dragon regular, Richard Gatica, says he's never noticed a problem.

"I've never been behind in the cooking area and all, but, where I'm sitting and waiting for my food, it's clean," said Gatica.

According to the report, a follow-up inspection was required. As of Friday morning, China Dragon's grade was upgraded to an 'A' rating.

Dagwood's Deli in Myrtle Beach also had a routine inspection. DHEC's report shows the inspector found three violations. Two of them were cited for the can opener and a portion of the walk-in fridge that needed to be cleaned, and one other violation for improperly labeling food.

Dagwood's scored a 96 and has an 'A' posted on  the front door, just how the restaurant's staff likes it.

"The most important thing is to keep the customers happy and let them know they're in a clean restaurant," said Dagwood's Assistant Manager, Dallas Sellers.

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