Top baby names for 2012 released

(CNN) - There are repeat champions when it comes to the most-popular baby names in America.

This week, the Social Security Administration released its annual list of top baby names.

Jacob was no. 1 for boys, as it has been since 1999, while Sophia ranked first again for girls.

The fastest-rising in popularity for girls is Arya, which happens to be a character in the HBO series Game of Thrones.

Among boys, the hottest unique name is Major.

Top ten boys' names

1. Jacob

2. Mason

3. Ethan

4. Noah

5. William

6. Liam

7. Jayden

8. Michael

9. Alexander

10. Aiden

Top 10 girls' names

1. Sophia

2. Emma

3. Isabella

4. Olivia

5. Ava

6. Emily

7. Abigail

8. Mia

9. Madison

10. Elizabeth

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